Why live chat provides one of the greatest online ROI’s?

Live chat may not always increase conversions. But it will certainly help you in increasing traffic of your website.It is one of the best tool to bring traffic to your website and increase its brand and product value. ROI is a combination of having the live chat tool and having the right person manning the chats. It even goes beyond that. If you managed properly it becomes ineffective. Well, almost every e commerce website uses live chat these days because live chat tools are proving to be the game changer, especially in e-commerce industry. It is very easy to use a simple live chat plug-in from a word-press websites and for the same reason websites having live chat softwares are build on word-press CMS mostly.It helps to provide better ROI and conversions.There are many reasons why e-commerce industry is able to gain more profits using live chat solution.

Here are a few quick things to ensure/increase ROI/conversions with live chat:

1) Have the right person available on the chat and have 24/7 availability. Train them and to incentives to performance. A badly trained chat on your live chat tool will decrease conversions. And if handled properly it can provide you a better revenue generation than Google Adsense tool.

2) Monitor chat volumes over a 24 hour period for the first few weeks you have the tool and add/remove coverage based on this volume. For a chat agent to be efficient, a maximum of 3 chats per agent should be handled at once.

3) It has been observed that chat rates increase significantly if you don’t request name, email before the visitor can initiate the chat. Chat is proportional to conversions. The more the chat agents the more effective is the conversion rate.

4) There is a strong chance that it will increase conversions on your site.

5) You have the opportunity to talk to your visitors and find out exactly what their requirements are:

a) You can resolve all their doubts and queries.
b) What are their needs and requirements.
c) Their main obstacles that are preventing them from buying/signing up.

6)It is very easy for the customer as well as the company to communicate regarding any product or service. The auto prompt feature assures that customer is fully aware that he/she can chat whenever they want, regarding whatever they need.

7)Real time monitoring reveals what is being viewed mostly by customers and what individual customers are browsing. This allows the organization to make amends and establish a strategy which can incorporate customer’s choice and thus, resulting in more sales.

8)Processes such as refunds, inquiries and other informational tasks can be done using live chat which minimizes the call support and the expenses of calls, work of support staff and an overall reduction of support costs.

9)A lot of live chat tools such as Live2Support has pre and post chat surveys which are the easiest ways to capture leads. These leads can be used in future marketing plans and hopefully, result in more conversions.

10)All the chat transcripts are saved, so operators know what was the previous conversation and thus can build a better rapport by acknowledging customer’s details.It helps a lot in bringing the better ROI for the websites.

Knowing those 3 things can be used to improve the design, layout, content, etc of your website and that absolutely will increase your conversions. So even if live chat temporarily decreases your conversions, the insights you gain from that time will more than make up for that in the long run. Live chat is definitely a boon to ROI and hence it is one of the best tactic in fields on conversion increment. Live chat offers varied features that help businesses track, build and retain customers. The services a company provide help to build a platform to chat with their customers on a real time basis, monitor what their customers need, allows them to initiate proactive chat sessions with their prospective customers and help them by providing tailored solutions to their needs and demands.

You can use canned messages to update your customers about current offers which may interest them. It is the value to the society, or in our case the community, that shows the ROI. In the US there are new requirements in effect that require non-profit organizations that use federal grant funding to record and report outcome as well as output. It is advised that they do some research on the organization before they invest, just like any other investment. Transparency is your key to trust. It is not a matter of either-or, we use both methods: non-profit and for-profit enterprises.

All net profit from the “enterprise zone” goes directly to operating expense of the non-profit, which leaves the donations available to do the actual mission of the organization. And hence ROI play an important role in the foundation of any organization or a business empire. It is the key to success of your organization because it affects the overall organization. These reasons or features are the reasons why not only e-commerce industry but almost every online website is accepting and encouraging the idea of a live chat. One reason ROIs are pushed in the US, where we don’t experience long & predictable outages daily, is because pragmatic & sensible 20 year ROIs don’t sell the product, but 4-6 year break evens do. And we have incentives on top of it!

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