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Would you like to Download Whatsapp on your Iphone or Android?

Go through the Guide to Download, Installing, Configuring and Using Whatsapp Messenger. WhatsApp is one of the most popular and useful application nowadays. WhatsApp allows to send photos, videos, contacts, share our location, and send notes, audio. Very important thing that WhatsApp help us to save our money. All operations in WhatsApp are free, you need only access to the Internet.

Another useful option of WhatsApp is opportinitie to make a group conversation. You can download WhatsApp in the App Store for free, however, you have to pay € 0.89 for using of this application. You could also install this application through the Jailbreak but you couldn`t install it on our iPad. Unfortunately, there isn`t any official application for iPad because Whatsapp should be associated with a mobile number.

However, you could install any other application in your iPad or even PC. The pick of the popularity of WhatsApp started when Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO of Facebook) purchase it for a total of 19 billion dollars in 2014 year. Let`s consider the ways of downloading WhatsApp. Downloading and Installation of the application First of all, access to the App Store. Just find the application Whats-App and download it. Remamber that you have to enter your password of the Apple ID. Also you could download Whats App here: For iOS: CLICK HERE TO INSTALL For Android devices:CLICK HRE TO INSTALL After that you could go to the next step.

Whats App configuration First of all you should give the permission to access your contacts. If you don`t give the permission your contacts will not shown. After that you only need to choose the contact you want to write and click on it to open the chat window. You have to know some special features of WhatsApp: You can add someone of your contacts to the “Favorites” to find them faster from all list of your contacts. You could write status in your account. It`s very important, for example, is you are busy and can`t talk now. You could create group chats. In settings you can add information about yourself, your name and picture.

Also there are private settings only for the user, where you can add payment information. You could also change the size of the text, chose the backup of the talks. As you can see, WhatsApp is quiet simple to use and very useful. This application helps you to save the money and to be in contact with your friends and family all time. Only one thing you need is access to the Internet. You could call someone, chat with someone. It`s a great possibility for the modern people. It makes our life easier. Stay in contact with your friends and family anytime, anywhere without any extra payments. Whats-app is free possibility to stay in contact with your relatives 24 hours per day. Please, don`t hesitate to install Whats App application and try all advantages on yourself, you will not regret.

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