Tech Fight: iOS vs Android

The war of the software has been going on for quite some time now. It started in 2009 when Apple introduced its ground-breaking iPhone that had the iOS as its software. Later on, in the same year, Samsung released their Galaxy S destined to rival the iPhone. The software developed specifically for cell phones by Google called the Android had been around for a while at that time. Surprisingly enough, it was the choice of Samsung as the software of their choice in their flagship. While the iOS was praised for its “no nonsense” approach and a wider application catalogue, the Android was hailed for its sophistication and the immense avenue of customizability. One thing was certain; these two titans were to be involved in a head to head duel that still sparks controversy between tech enthusiasts worldwide.

Both these softwares differ on one specific point, complexity. iOS was always meant for people who have just learnt how to use a Smartphone and it offered the minimal of functions and accessibility. Yet it covered all the basic check points that a good software should have. Android, on the other hand, is intended for a user who wants something more out of his phone rather than just making calls or receiving texts. It is intended for those science geeks out there who want to know the limits of their phone and love to customize it. Then we come to the question of customizability. You can only change the lock screen and background screen on the iOS while on the Android, you can customize the icons, the wallpapers and what not. While Android is an open source software which means anyone can edit it and therefore increasing the risk of viruses, the iOS development is reserved only for the Mac Geniuses at Apple. In the start, the iOS had a much larger app catalogue but now it is being rivalled by the massive and regularly updated PlayStore of Android.

Another main distinguishing feature is the way iOS handles your processor power. It is known to consume the least processor energy, leaving a handful for the other tasks. This ensures that the phone works like a well oiled machine. On the other hand, the Android consumes relatively greater portions of processor juice to which Smartphone companies compromise by fitting in beefier CPUs.

In a nutshell, it is hard to choose amongst these two titans. All it matters is preference. While some may like the aesthetic appeal of iOS and its sheer simplicity, others may tend to prefer the supreme potential and vast customizability of Android. It’s only a question of perspective.

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