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Over the years, technology has become one of the most utilitarian aspects of human life, crafted to solve life-related problems as the days go by. Nonetheless, no one ever thought that the tech world would climb to such sophisticated heights as those of creating the Neo smart pen N2. Apparently, this smart pen marks the zenith of innovation in the tech world. This gadget allows you scribble practically anything, on a special kind of paper and the text is automatically converted to a soft copy into your smart device. Basically, the N2 operates by recording your movements on the special paper and then passes the information to your smart device.

Features of the N2 smart pen

Although smart pen technology begun a handful of years ago, not a single smart pen, produced in these years, can contend with the Neo N2 smart pen, owing to some extra features in the N2 that are not in these other pens. To begin with, the N2 has an excellent hardware, one that is bound to circumvent any breakdowns. Unlike its antecedents, the N2 has a dual core ARM9 processor that allows it to comprehend data in just a matter of milliseconds. Its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity feature ensures that the scribbled signals are sent live to the smart device in real time. The Li-Polymer battery works magic on such an elemental gadget and when fully charged the pen can run efficiently for approximately five hours nonstop.

Now that the pen was designed for studying purposes, the designers had to tweak things up to improve performance and clarity. To achieve this, they put an excellent camera on the N2. The N2’s camera observes movements at an astounding 120 frame per second. This means that not even the faintest of detail can escape recognition on your smart phone. For scholars and users who have to use pens for long hours, the N2 smart pen has an ergonomic feel and is very comfortable to use. Moreover, the pen’s toggles are straightforward making it easier to use even with kids.

In case your smart phone runs low on battery, or you don’t have it with you in class, the N2 smart pen has ample storage space for your writings, about 90MB worth of memory. So the pen will store your writings long enough for you to get to your device. The pen is accompanied with a compatibility application for almost all smart devices. It can work with both android (4.1.2) and iOS (7.1) operating systems as well as other newer android and iOS versions.

Despite the fact that competitor firms are on the verge of making some new releases to compete with the Neo smart pen N2, the N2 is still a great product and it’s likely to outdo its competitors. However, constant improvements on the N2 are necessary if the smart pen is going to stay valid long enough. The improvements of course would have to do with the battery life and increased internal memory although these are just minor snags. Generally, the N2 has conquered all other flaws especially in performance as compared to its predecessors.

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