How Technology changes people’s life?

Over the last two centuries, humanity has made ​​huge strides in the attractiveness of innovation and technological progress. Technologies have greatly served the man as a whole and also to significantly improve their standard of living. The onset of global computer networks such as the Internet is part of one of the great steps that man could do. This network enables global discover and be informed about the rest of the planet. Internet ushers in a new medium, and is just beginning because every day we can find new ways to bring all types of information on our computer.

Actually, we have to thank the various functions that technology does in order to expand the field of view of modern people, and also helps to diversify activities in addition to making them more interactive. All these technologies can discover new cultures in the world and to communicate freely with anyone around. The media entertain and inform us wherever we are around the world. It is no longer a question of waiting and it is not mandatory to have a newspaper in your hands to get information. It is easily known that the limits of certain media and may even contribute to the development of new technologies. The modern technology tools are efficient and fast. They are subject to change at any time and are in constant profitable change.

The modern media has become a source of information among people. We are no longer restricted to wait to see a specialist or a professional for information. Internet is everywhere and it reaches us as and when required. All media are becoming more powerful and make our lives easier. Media allow us to travel around the world to know the important events that happen no matter where we are in a pretty fast manner. They are among us, and they have helped us to meet our demand and needs. The technologies can be made more meaningful and interactive by way of innovative lessons. Social networks have also facilitated to put up in a learning situation for students by writing, reading and also with the correct formulation of a sentence via online.

Technology offers so many opportunities and openness to changes and modifications that people should be able to use it properly. Unfortunately, a lot of people abuse this access, but by inviting the younger to use it according to the rules and respect for all, there’s a normal intuition to think that we can see the effectiveness of the tools in everyday life. Again, the technology improves so much life in society since they allow communication between various schools and facilitate collaboration on a scale of very short time.

Technology has revolutionized the way we used to do things and there is no sign that this is going to slow down. In fact, each day, something new pops up within the technology industry thanks to the new inventions and innovations. Nowadays, iOS8 is the Apples’ latest version operating system for iPod, iPad and iPod. If you order iPhone6, this is what you should expect. The bright side of this upgrade is that is can also be done on the already existing Apple devices. If you are in for this upgrade, then before you get going, read this.

Upgrading Takes a lot of Space (Temporary though)
Apple iOS8 operating system is about 1GB which is big and your device will need more than enough room to perform the upgrade effectively. Though reports vary, but in case you are on iPad 3 for instance, you will need 5.8 GB of free space. Less than that, the upgrade will not be successful. If you are on iPad mini with Retina display, you need 6.9 GB. In essence, to create this space you will need to delete a lot of stuff (music, photos, apps, videos) before you can update. But on the flip side, once the installation is complete, the iOS 8 will let you use that space you sacrificed for apps and files.

It takes Time to Update
There are millions of people from around the globe who are trying to get this upgrade simultaneously. This means there is a lot of data coming from Apple servers that slowing the transfer speed. If you are impatient and you can’t wait, do the update via iTunes on your PC or Mac with your device connected to the computer. But downloading the update file over WiFi to your phone will take long. Take a look

Allow Time For Installation
While downloading the latest iOS 8 version, you can still use your tablet or phone but once the download has finished and installation has begun, don’t use your device until it’s complete. Installation can take somewhere from 30 minutes to 1hour. Upgrade should be done when you don’t intend to use the device.

The Latest Version Might Slow Down Your Older Device
On the latest Apple devices, iOS 8 works efficiently and has much faster components than older devices. Though iOS 8 can work on old phone models as old as iPad 2 and iPhone 4, the fact is you won’t get a faster response on older devices like new ones.

Do not Accept the Upgrade to iCloud Drive
Apple is making drastic changes to its online storage product. It is getting rid of the old iCloud and the newer iCloud is where you will be able to store your files. The new iCloud is kind of  Dropbox-like and you can access files from any tablet, Apple phone or computer. The newer iCloud requires the latest operating system on every device. That is iOS 8 on every phone and OS X Yosemite on computers. Since Yosemite is not out yet if you allow your device to upgrade, from iCloud to iCloud Drive, you will not see files you saved from iOS and your iOS will not be able to see older iCloud files from your computer. So, during the surgery process, given the option to upgrade to iCloud Drive, decline until when you Mac will have a new operating system then you can go to your phone settings or iPad the turn

iCloud Drive
Save your iPhone Projects First
iPhoto app on iOS devices is being phased out and is being replaced by an expanded version of the Photos app that is available on iPads and iPhones. Everything is okay if you use the built-in app but the photo app does not recognize photo books and other projects created by iPhoto app for iOS 8. Once you upgrade to iOS 8, you will lose that because iPhoto does not work on the new OS.

Finally, technology is present in our lives and they never cease to amaze us with the quality and timeliness of its functions. They improve our lives by the quantity of information available to all, they inform everything that happens around the world, they lead us in the decision making and allow us to easily update. Knowing the standards, we will limit the exposure of personal data and decrease the damage. Students should be aware of the usefulness of the media in everyday life so that they in turn, they can use it properly. Technologies make our job much easier, and they will never cease to grow in advance.

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