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Have you ever thought on how to do a proper Google Play store optimization for your Android app? If your answer is “yes” then you might be interested in the information below.Actually there are a lot of things that are almost the same when it comes to app store optimization for both Google Play and Apple Store. But there are still some specific features of Play Store you should know.

Here we’re going to share some ideas on how to do proper Google Play optimization for Android applications. Currently there is nobody who knows the exact algorithm Google uses to rank apps. The same situation is with Apple app store. But there is something that has already been shown to work.

Find and Track the Keywords You Use for Google Play Store Optimization

The first thing you should consider in the keywords you use. You can check how your keywords are ranked by adding these to the Search Rankings Tool. Without this information you won’t be able to know whether your keywords optimization is working or not.It is very important to choose the words according your target audience. Remember Relevance, R.D.T., Traffic and Difficulty. The keywords you select should properly describe your app, so people are encouraged to download it when they find the app by searching for those keywords.

Another tip here is to search for lower Difficulty Scores, which will also increase your app’s chances for better ranking. Solving the issue with the first 2 criteria, don’t forget about the Traffic Score of each keyword. The higher the traffic scores are – the better.

Include Keyword in the Title

Just like in Apple App Store search, inserting keyword into your Android app’s title can make your app be higher ranked because of those keywords.  Taking into account that Google Play allows to write titles of no more than 30 characters, you’ll probably be able to include only 1-2 keywords in the title. So, select them wisely.

Add Keywords to Your App Description

Here is one of the biggest differences between Google App Store and Apple App Store searches. Whether iTunes provides with a keyword field, Google takes the keywords from your app’s description.Now there is a limit of 4, 000 characters for description. Try to use as many as possible. It was found out that for better results you should use the target keyword about 5 times in your description. But at the same time, don’t do a common mistake by using more keywords than it’s needed. Another important thing is to write a description that makes sense instead of just filling it with a bunch of keywords.

Make People Love Your App

Everybody knows it but sometimes forgets: if you create an app that people like, you’ll get more positive feedback, which will automatically benefit into your search rankings. In case you’d like to get a more proactive approach to gaining A+ rating, you may consider using specific services like Apptentive.

We speak a lot about ratings but actually this is not the only thing you have to be aware of. An overall number of downloads, their growth, amount of uninstalls and usage frequency also help search rankings. So, the best possible solution is to improve all of those metrics. But the crucial moment here is to have an awesome app that will be the best foundation upon which you can improve all those areas.

Take your time and perform a proper test of your application to make sure everything works properly before you make the release. If you don’t pay attention to even the small shortages, you’ll wind up with lots of angry users. Maybe it’ll be better to just get rid of all those small bugs in advance?

Design a Stunning Promo Video

Google Play is cool because of having a promo video option. So why not take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to make people excited about your app? An awesome moment here is that Google has YouTube that makes the process of uploading your promo video simple as one-two-three.

Make your promo video short and up to the point, so it highlights only the most important features of your app. You should understand that nobody is going to watch a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation on why they should download your super app. They’ll just move to another one before they fall asleep first.

Make Informative and Very Nice Screenshots

Besides a sparkling demo video, think about adding some beautiful screenshots. Sometimes a used may have slow Internet connection and can’t view YouTube properly. Then the screenshots can solve the problem, showing in details how your app works.Select only those screenshots that are appealing and add some text to each of them that will tell about the primary benefits. Provide people with solid reasons to download your product.

Don’t Forget to Create a Good Icon

 The visual appeal category also includes your app icon. Generally this is the first thing people pay attention to while searching in the Google Store. Make your icon tells what your app is about and attracts users visually by the design. The icon has also to be of high resolution. Surf the Web to find out the exact specifications that Google looks for.

External Links

Another good way to promote your app is to benefit for web search traffic. The more back-links there are on trusted websites, the higher search rankings you’ll have in Google Play Store.

Therefore it will be great to promote your app on some popular websites, asking them to write about your application and provide with a link to your app page. You may also consider having your own blog and contact press so people can have more opportunities to explore your app.


Well, these were the main tips on how to better optimize your Android application for Google Play Store. Good luck!

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