E Action VoIP Vs Mobile VoIP

Voice communication is the latest form of interaction over the internet. It has made communication across various platforms much easier, through voice chat. Some of the various ways voice communication can be employed in our lives can include gaming, chatting with family and friends, or business communication from any part of the world. Among the top 3 most popular voice communication programs include:

Action VoIP:

It is a free voice chat application, which employs the most advanced technology in providing voice communication solutions. The user is able to make calls to various types of mobile handsets from any location in the world through the Actionvoip program. This can be done either for free, or at low charges when calling across different mobile platforms. Other features of the program include:

  • Phone to Phone calls: It is possible to make free pc-to-pc calls online, and there is no time limit.

  • Local Access Number: This feature provides an access number for your location, which you need to call then dial the target number.

  • Area code: If you want to call a fixed number, you first insert your local area code then simply call the number you want to call.

  • SIP: Users can make calls without necessarily using a computer, through the SIP compatible device (SIP ATA).

  • SMS: Text your friends using the Actionvoip client, or through the website. The SMS feature also enables sending texts to multiple recipients or scheduling of texts.

Google Voice:

Google voice enables you to send voice, and text communication to your friends and family across the world. The unique feature of Google Voice is the distinct separation between the phone services from the phone number. You can therefore select a unique phone number, which is linked to your Google account. This enables calls coming to your Google Voice number to be routed back to your cell phone, Skype number, or even office phone. It is also possible to route calls to the home number of the place you are currently at, like your friends place; therefore enabling you to receive calls from any location. There are other cool features of Google Voice which include:

Recording calls: though it is not unique, it is however an important feature that can never grow outdated.

Free calls and SMS: send free texts and calls to friends and family via the Google Voice network.

Transcribe voicemail and texts: you can transcribe texts and voicemail messages to your email, and view them on your PC.

Mobile VoIP:

It uses Wi-Fi, or 3G networks to make calls. The program enables free calls and text, along with low charges offers for international calls. Mobile VoIP uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) in order to routed calls through the internet to your mobile device over an IP. Soft-switch can also serve the same purpose as the SIP protocol by directing calls to the person you are calling, but it has to be on the same software platform. All you need is a Smartphone, wireless Internet, and the mobile VoIP program on your phone, and you will be able to make calls and send free texts.

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