Custom App Development

If you’re from a non-tech background, don’t consider technology as the end-all and be-all for your startup. Technology is only an enabler the idea is your business. You don’t have to know about coding to create a tech product. Hire someone who knows technicalities or outsource to an agency that can help you achieve your business goals through technology.

Nothing could be further from the truth than thinking that your job is done the moment your app is live on the app store. Building an app is the easiest thing in your journey to build a business. Getting customers to use your app consistently is the toughest part.It takes time,energy and proper marketing tactics. If your idea is so unique that no one else has ever thought about it, then chances are that no one else will identify with it.

Every successful app has become popular based on word of mouth. And people tend to endorse products that stand out. Marketing dollars may get you download numbers, but not user retention. Marketing and branding of products have their own significance and should be handle with care.

Mobile phones have truly democratized technology in India, reaching out to remote and rural parts of the country. In fact, dependency on mobiles increases as income falls. This will without doubt make India a mobile economy where all services be it from government or companies like financial services, entertainment, education, commerce etc. M-commerce has bring a revolution to the IT world. The huge increment and development in this field has bring ease to the end users. By custom app development business owners can easily reach to their customers and end users and that has increase the product value,branding and the overall development of the business. It is an asset to the business owner and can be treated as a lethal weapon to increase sale and productivity of the business.

Like the world where 0.11% of World Population holds 81% of overall wealth, app economy is also skewed towards large few big companies. An App should be solving some pain point of access, inconvenience, price discrimination and bring joy and happiness to the end users face.Games, utilities, commerce, social networking, messaging etc. belong to either of these two categories.

While designing and making the app think of “Frictionless Design”. It should be easy to use and should be user friendly. More complexity can lead to dissatisfaction and unnecessary drawbacks to your app.All the features you are including should be planned so that it can ease and facilitate the end user requirements. If they are designed in some complex modules then you can work on the data complexity. Hire a data artist ,the one who creates graphics,graphs,visuals,modules and other statistics to make your custom app development work easy and affordable. Try to explain your idea in a digestible, easy-to-understand format. Draw sketches, write a 2-sentence elevator pitch. Transform your idea from abstract concepts into ‘tangible’ images. Ensuring data quality is a never ending battle and no dataset is perfect but always try to give your best as data quality can bring success to your product development.

Many a times when we think of app adoption we think locally or regionally. However App Economy is a global play thanks to App Stores.A popular method for validating business ideas online is the advertise and track approach. This involves setting up a landing page that explains your business, purchasing some online ads and monitoring the number of clicks and emails you get. Advertise and track records properly as it one of the key features of Custom App Development.

However many highly grossing apps like Candy Crush & Clash of Clans have game design and mechanics that are more conducive for In-App purchases. Custom App Development is very necessary part of the product development and bringing the best features in it.The recent apps that you have for eg, Grocity App which has the facilities to include all features like food,beverages,electrical equipments,clothing and everything in just one app can only be possible by the custom development. One more awesome app you have these days which consist of all the features and integration of many apps in one app i.e. ZiPi.This is an awesome outcome of custom app development which was developed by keeping the prime motto of collection all the features into one single app.It consist of many features and help to provide the best facilities to the end users. Custom App Development is meant for that reason only which can bring infinite key features and modules in one app and can help to enhance the development process to increase product outcome and also its brand value,efficiency and productivity.

Always Focus on downstream metrics like “life time value” of the customer and avoid low CPI App distribution. Also don’t try to cut corners on seemingly innocuous but powerful stuff like tracking partner, creative design of your ad units, call to actions as these all add up to improve your download conversions and usage thereafter. Always have a balanced view when you develop a mobile app.

Mobile payments might not be as popular in the West, but in countries like China, mobile and other forms of electronic payments have been widely used for many years. In many of the larger cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, mobile and electronic payments have almost become the norm.Apple Pay is struggling to get users on-board compared to what it should have been by now, especially in USA, its picking up albeit slowly. China, on the other hand, offers a range of mobile payment application, where in you can spend an entire day exploring cities without cash. Mobile apps and their custom development has overall increase the product marketing and resolve the most baffling problems of marketing and hence it is considered as a foundation stone in product marketing and all the business marketing tactics arising these days.

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