Custom App Development (Part 2)

Custom software development is the designing of software applications for a specific user or group of users of an organization. Such software is designed to address and fulfill their needs precisely compared to the more traditional and widespread commercial off-the-shelf software. Such software is typically created just for that specific entity by a third-party by contract or in-house group of developers and is not packaged for reselling.

Custom software vs. commercial off the shelf:- Commercial Off-the-shelf software consists of a packaged software application available to a large audience with varying, albeit fundamentally similar needs. For example, Microsoft Word is designed for the mass public as a diverse solution to the many different needs of its users. It does not, however, cater to any specific entity like custom software would. Customized software development entails the commissioning, development and release of a software product tailored to a single specific entity.

For example, an application created for OLA would only be used by that company and the department for which it was designed. The software is designed keeping the company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation needs in mind, implying it can only work for that organization.

The pros of custom software development:- The benefit to custom software is the simple fact it provides features off-the-shelf software doesn’t. Designing an application with your organization’s needs in consideration implies an increased level of productivity. If you have a software application designed to increase productivity or address an internal need, the cost of it is offset by the promise of increased efficiency. If your organization has a need unique enough to warrant for custom software, then customizing a solution rather than settling for an off-the-shelf application becomes a smart course of action.

The cons of custom software development:- Whereas you can purchase an off-the-shelf software application for dollars, customized software requires significantly more resources to design and thus comes with an inherently high amount of costs and risks. When a business decides to begin development on custom software, it has to cover all costs associated with the development process. In the end, cost alone can amount to the five-figure range. Off-the-shelf software can afford a low price point because the cost is being distributed between many different users, whereas custom software is created for one user: your company.

The risks associated with custom software vary in accordance to the user being developed for. The purchasing company must have an in-depth understanding of their needs and how they want the end product to address that need. Identifying new needs during the development process isn’t uncommon, though it results in added costs as more development time and effort is required. The risk of frequent changes such as these can result in a loss of project scope, or scope creep as it’s called in the project management world, and can result in an end product different or insufficient to the original needs.

While designing and making the app think of “Frictionless Design”. It should be easy to use and should be user friendly. More complexity can lead to dissatisfaction and unnecessary drawbacks to your app.All the features you are including should be planned so that it can ease and facilitate the end user requirements. If they are designed in some complex modules then you can work on the data complexity. Hire a data artist the one who creates graphics ,graphs, visuals, modules and other statistics to make your custom app development work easy and affordable. Try to explain your idea in a digestible, easy­ to ­understand format. Draw sketches, write a 2­sentence elevator pitch. Transform your idea from abstract concepts into ‘tangible’ images. Ensuring data quality is a never ending battle and no dataset is perfect but always try to give your best as data quality can bring success to your product development.

Custom software development services Picking a company to create a software application for your business isn’t an easy task. Most small and large businesses alike must search for local companies to bid for work, and then pick the company that promises the right price and level of services. These companies typically meet with the requesting organization to assess their needs and determine the total amount of work required to create the custom software. After that, they put in a bid to identify how much development time is required and the cost associated. These bids are never set in stone as some projects may require additional time and may thus cost more. Picking a company should never come down to money, but should instead be a choice on the company that will be the most flexible and willing to work with the contracting business.

Mostly every mobile app is custom built and the development cost depends on the functionalities of the app. So to get an idea on the development cost for the mobile app you need to know how much time is it going to take for completion. For the same you need to discuss the app functionalities and features with an app development team. When you put the word customized then you need to set aside the “average”. As many people have answered that the range may vary by a great degree and you can get it done within $10k if you are lucky. Recently we have two awesome app which are developed by using custom software development in mind. One is ZiPi and other is Grocity. Both have the capability to include infinite number of modules in a single app. They are built so that the app can withstand and include all the features in one app. It is customer centric and hence help to increase the foundation and branding of the company. It is efficient, cost effective and user friendly. It helps to save time and make work efficient and also help to solve many Bigdata and Hadoop queries in which big and complex data is treated so that it can provide maximum efficiency. Many of the companies follow the same pattern and almost all the mobile app development use custom app development as it is the best tool to increase brand and product value. It has bring a revolution in M-commerce and as we are growing and becoming more technology addict the mobile app creation and the proper use of it makes our life easy, cozy and comfortable. The day is near when all our basic needs will be solved by just a touch on the mobile screen and for that we can thank our technology as it has become a boon for the humans and we are dependent on it. Life without mobiles is a curse. Whether it is for Candy Crush or for WhatApp the mobile apps are a part of our life and without them you can’t expect life,it will be mundane and boring. We are running at a very fast pace and M-commerce is growing at much faster rate. And to give the best out of it custom app development is an asset.

Mobile apps can be built in a few days and some may take an entire year or so. One can develop mobile apps for you in minimum 2k USD, an average app at 10k USD, good to go feature rich app between 20k USD to 40k USD and an Enterprise App alike a mobile CRM may cost you above USD 40k. Custom mobile app development is gaining its position and most of the customers want there apps to look unique and work  smoothly. For this reason, it is hard to put an exact figure on just how much a mobile application will cost to develop, it reckons an entirely on how complex you want to go and what are the features you wanted to add in your mobile application. The cost could range about near from $10,000 to $250,000 and beyond.

The customized apps can consist of Quick Order functionality along with others. I recommend not hiring cheap developers because I am sure that you won’t end up with quality result. Zipi is providing the revenue to their company and it is built keeping all the cost, efficiency and productivity factors in mind. All the customized apps have this facility that the end users can find the debugs and developers and sort it out and make it efficient. Also you can further add many other services once it is launched and updated on App Store. You can customize as per your need. We can have global usage of apps and their customization on basis of users help the business owners to connect with their audience in a more civilized manner. This help to grow their business and also help to resolve all the baffling problems we are facing now-a-days in M-commerce payments. It also help to provide a secure payment services and misuse or illegal theft like problems are overcome by the increment and use of custom app development. You can do multi-tasking as the mobile apps developed using custom app development features hold these facilities and hence it is liked, appreciated and accepted globally. As the technology is increasing the use of custom app development can bring feathers to the cap of their respective business owners and help them to grow and succeed in their respective business and satisfy the vendors and end users. This has bring a ray of hope in the M-commerce development and the technology is definitely a boon to us.

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