Blackberry 10

BlackBerry 10

One of the important features that many BlackBerry customers used to be grateful for is their phone’s specifications of the corporeal keyboard, which is something so as to be becoming increasingly unusual in the world of smart phones. Yet even if BlackBerry has in use of a significant step frontward with its new BlackBerry 10 stand, they have not over and done one of the defining features of BlackBerry devices that are unique. At first look, the BlackBerry 10 resembles any other conventional BlackBerry but it is not so. The keyboard looks approximating the Curve and Bold types, with the familiar deal of carefully considered QWERTY keys.

Though it looks reminiscent of a traditional BlackBerry slightly, BlackBerry 10 within is completely different with a brand new operating system which looks in fact of that of in 2013 rather than 2003. BlackBerry 10 has also worked very firm to build a new collection application because older apps are not compatible, apart from it seems that there will be a best range for BlackBerry download as and when Blackberry 10 is presented.  BlackBerry indicate that 10th model should be available in lot of markets around the world from 2013 in the colors of black plus white, but the cost of BlackBerry 10 is not specified still now time under tech news in the press headlines.  

On the mobile point of view, BlackBerry 10 seems to be lot more fashionable than the other Android models out of the box, yet it does not as long as Windows Phone 8, which few people believe is too far to cross from traditional models. BlackBerry 10 edge permits the use of various actions to control apps, it is formulated for multitasking in an easy way and hence you can drag the base of the screen to carry all applications running, for instance. You can also swap from one application to another, for example to swiftly check email at the same time as doing something else, plus pulling down the screen shows the calendar without exiting the current system. Interface is intended to be utilized with one hand, and a little job is substantial which seems to have moved out in the experiment. BlackBerry 10 collects information from numerous sources into a single place, for instance e-mail, SMS features, social networking plus messages which appear in one screen.

BB10 do collect individual data from associates to places such as LinkedIn plus Facebook, and assists to create a proof about them, such as photographs plus birthdays if they are existing. 

BlackBerry 10 is one among the markets’ hyper-connected keys for driving in customers who make use of the social network very frequently. The camera posses focus touch, and permits time lag where in fact, you can pick the best still pictures taken from a video sequence. Photographs shall be shortened on the device which avoids frequent necessity to make use of a service such as Instagram if you wish to edit the photo prior to sharing with others. BlackBerry 10 is still another attractive Smartphone with great features plus new applications which allows movie clips, images and audio combined altogether to make a great music video. There are also numerous other interesting interactive applications of Blackberry 10.

Top Smart phones in the market

For the present decade, a wide range of smart phones are available in the market. This further complicates the choice of selecting the best one. Between manufacturers who kill to provide the best object and operating systems with much difference and partial similarity, it is not easy to navigate. Let’s have a look at the selection of the best smart phones to help you make the right decision for this year 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S3:

If we exclude the value price, the iPhone goes far ahead. Taking this into account, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is much better situated in terms of its functionality. The S3 is equipped with an AMOLED screen and it is one of the best in the market in terms of color rendering. The rounded forms make a very nice tool, much more aesthetic than the Galaxy S2. The camera has face detection function with open eyes, an HDR mode, a panorama mode and burst mode where the mobile takes 20 photos and selects the best.

iPhone 4S:

Those who already have an iPhone 5 keep your Smartphone away and it’s time to switch over to 4S model as it is slightly better. For those who do not have a Smartphone version, 4S is the most interesting because it is offered at a more affordable price than version 5, i.e. around $500 with new and much cheaper opportunity for subscription. This mobile is the perfect choice, as long as they submit to the rule that Apple will not please everyone!

iPhone 5:

This year, fortunately Apple iPad Mini release got delayed since the company was clearly in need of ideas: but it is now possible with the release of the brand new iPhone 5 in the market. If it turns out that this is a very good phone, the changes observed are too small to make the Smartphone of the year 2013.  It is almost incomprehensible and unacceptable at this level owing to its cost but worthy for its price. Fortunately, the Apple brand is saved by the fact that 4G is not yet widespread in France and they actually begin to develop by the end of 2013. As far as level speed and fluidity is considered, there is nothing wrong as the processor A6 is extremely knowledgeable and powerful graphics chip is high.

Nokia Lumia 920:

The Nokia Lumia is the reference for smart phones running Windows 8. The build quality is very good: it exudes quality, upscale design. We should also appreciate the presence of native Nokia Drive along with advanced GPS and Microsoft Office applications with the ability to open instantly when needed, edit, view Office documents to image that exists with the iPhone in iCloud. It has overcome the shortcomings of previous versions to achieve real challenger now its high-end competitors. It will not suit everyone because it is either too small or too large. Anyway like many people have expressed it is fun to use and screen is enchanting to see as much time as possible.

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