Future-Of-Artificial Intelligence

Abstract: AI is addressing one of the ultimate puzzles along with support to mankind. How is it possible for an electronic brain to perceive, understand, predict, and manipulate a world more complicated? How do scientists go about making these properties? Developing of AI can be evaluated by various arguments in favor and against in terms Read more about Future-Of-Artificial Intelligence[…]


WeChat: The Ultimate Guideline to be successful

­­WeChat is one of the tools that allow one to do everything that a Smartphone can do at the tip of your hands. It allows you to make important calls, and text for free. You can even make video calls for your business meeting. There are also emoji that you can utilize in your message. Read more about WeChat: The Ultimate Guideline to be successful[…]

Virtual Reality

The Impact of Virtual Reality on Education

It’s not a dream, it’s not impossible. It is Virtual Reality (VR). We’re nicely settled in to the digital age, we’ve got educators on board with technology in the learning setting, but there’s a new frontier.  It’s a seismic shift that will shake the very foundations of how we ‘do’ education: Virtual Reality. 2016 looks Read more about The Impact of Virtual Reality on Education[…]


The Second Machine Age(Part 1)

Modern technology is changing business, dictating productivity and affecting workflow. However, as a business owner, you are aware that current economic downturns affect your business’s functions as much as they do your capital. Historically, one of the forces that corrects the economic losses and diminished productivity caused by recessions is technology. However, the presence of Read more about The Second Machine Age(Part 1)[…]

Networking Security

Comparison of Network Security tools –NESSUS Vs NMAP

Introduction: Vulnerability scanners are very essential in the field of Network Security. Although a lot of network security scanners have emerged recently, the competition between NESSUS and NMAP keep persisting now and then. Although both of them perform a great job and offers various features, the popularity competition keeps circulating over and over again ever Read more about Comparison of Network Security tools –NESSUS Vs NMAP[…]


How Technology changes people’s life?

Over the last two centuries, humanity has made ​​huge strides in the attractiveness of innovation and technological progress. Technologies have greatly served the man as a whole and also to significantly improve their standard of living. The onset of global computer networks such as the Internet is part of one of the great steps that Read more about How Technology changes people’s life?[…]

BlackBerry 10

Blackberry 10

One of the important features that many BlackBerry customers used to be grateful for is their phone’s specifications of the corporeal keyboard, which is something so as to be becoming increasingly unusual in the world of smart phones. Yet even if BlackBerry has in use of a significant step frontward with its new BlackBerry 10 stand, Read more about Blackberry 10[…]

Custom App Development

Custom App Development (Part 2)

Custom software development is the designing of software applications for a specific user or group of users of an organization. Such software is designed to address and fulfill their needs precisely compared to the more traditional and widespread commercial off-the-shelf software. Such software is typically created just for that specific entity by a third-party by Read more about Custom App Development (Part 2)[…]


Why live chat provides one of the greatest online ROI’s?

Live chat may not always increase conversions. But it will certainly help you in increasing traffic of your website.It is one of the best tool to bring traffic to your website and increase its brand and product value. ROI is a combination of having the live chat tool and having the right person manning the Read more about Why live chat provides one of the greatest online ROI’s?[…]

Custom App Development

Custom App Development

If you’re from a non-tech background, don’t consider technology as the end-all and be-all for your startup. Technology is only an enabler the idea is your business. You don’t have to know about coding to create a tech product. Hire someone who knows technicalities or outsource to an agency that can help you achieve your Read more about Custom App Development[…]