Android Operating System

Android is the most commonly used mobile operating system, running on most mobile handset due to its innovative, fun, and easy to use features. The OS was developed from the ground-up to be truly open, and can incorporate new applications as they emerge. The software is built on the Linux Kernel, and features a custom virtual machine. The machine is designed to optimize hardware resources and memory. Some of the various features of the application include:


Being a Google product, it comes natural that Google is a significant feature on your mobile device. You can get all the Google products fully optimized in the Android OS which include:

  • Google Chrome: Browse on your mobile device with Chrome browser, bringing in a personalized experience on your handset.

  • Google Search: The world’s best search engine on your mobile phone, and get information on time.

  • YouTube: View and download the music videos right on you’re a handset, or tablet wherever you go.

  • Google+: You can connect with friends from any part of the world, interact, and share photos with each other. There is also Google+ hangouts, where you can create a group video chat with your friends.

  • Google Play: The one stop shop for entertainment brings you an endless selection of movies, songs, TV Shows, eBooks, and games for you to choose from. You can get entertained from anywhere you like right through your mobile device.

  • Google Maps: You can now easily navigate your world through GPS navigations system. It also features local surfing and 3D illustrations of buildings. Traffic information also comes to you live.

  • Gmail: Send and receive emails through you mobile device.

Application Development:

Through android, you can easily develop your own application, if you are an aspiring developer. The OS provides for a set of developing tools and a platform along which to build an application. There are also libraries, which can be utilized to build awesome apps.


Nobody likes to go through a tedious task just to access an app on the phone, or any other feature. With Android, you can customize your phone and have the important apps and features right on your home screen using widgets. For example, if you want the traffic updates, contacts, or even gaming app, you can simply put it in the home screen. This makes accessibility much easier.

Smart Device:

Your smart phone could not get any smarter with Android. Android features various smart applications, which can enable facial recognition and finger print analysis capabilities for unlocking the phone. Other smart features include, enabling you to share directions and contacts with other Android users. You can also multi-task seamlessly and switch between one app to another, hence not interrupting whatever you are doing.

Voice and Language Support:

You can simply use your voice to perform tasks such as sending texts, and emailing. The OS supports more than 30 languages, and the task appears in real time.

The best way to be in control of your mobile device is by using the Android Operating System. It is a fun, and easy way to get things done.

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