Future-Of-Artificial Intelligence

Abstract: AI is addressing one of the ultimate puzzles along with support to mankind. How is it possible for an electronic brain to perceive, understand, predict, and manipulate a world more complicated? How do scientists go about making these properties? Developing of AI can be evaluated by various arguments in favor and against in terms Read more about Future-Of-Artificial Intelligence[…]


WeChat: The Ultimate Guideline to be successful

­­WeChat is one of the tools that allow one to do everything that a Smartphone can do at the tip of your hands. It allows you to make important calls, and text for free. You can even make video calls for your business meeting. There are also emoji that you can utilize in your message. Read more about WeChat: The Ultimate Guideline to be successful[…]


WhatsApp Messenger

Would you like to Download Whatsapp on your Iphone or Android? Go through the Guide to Download, Installing, Configuring and Using Whatsapp Messenger. WhatsApp is one of the most popular and useful application nowadays. WhatsApp allows to send photos, videos, contacts, share our location, and send notes, audio. Very important thing that WhatsApp help us Read more about WhatsApp Messenger[…]


Alternatives To Skype

Most of us are obsessed with using Skype as “the” video chat or voice call application that we even invented the word ‘skyping’ for making online video calls and so. As the need for skyping increased substantially over the years, so did the emergence of like-minded software platforms increase. And now, when we look at Read more about Alternatives To Skype[…]