Virtual Reality

The Impact of Virtual Reality on Education

It’s not a dream, it’s not impossible. It is Virtual Reality (VR). We’re nicely settled in to the digital age, we’ve got educators on board with technology in the learning setting, but there’s a new frontier.  It’s a seismic shift that will shake the very foundations of how we ‘do’ education: Virtual Reality. 2016 looks Read more about The Impact of Virtual Reality on Education[…]

Networking Security

Comparison of Network Security tools –NESSUS Vs NMAP

Introduction: Vulnerability scanners are very essential in the field of Network Security. Although a lot of network security scanners have emerged recently, the competition between NESSUS and NMAP keep persisting now and then. Although both of them perform a great job and offers various features, the popularity competition keeps circulating over and over again ever Read more about Comparison of Network Security tools –NESSUS Vs NMAP[…]

Infrastructure Of The Networking

In this report we are going to discuss the infrastructure of the networking. There are following things that play an important role in the networking such as DNS, Directories and other management techniques that are used to restrict access controls for the number of users. A network is a group of two or more computers Read more about Infrastructure Of The Networking[…]