Mobile App Development

How Mobile Apps Can Help with Clinical Tests?

‘There’s an App for that’ was the commercial tagline that was at the tip of everybody’s tongue when apple first came out with the concept. Innumerable applications have flooded the markets since then, for just about anything you can think of. Virtually all industries piped in to grab a piece of cake that this multi Read more about How Mobile Apps Can Help with Clinical Tests?[…]

Mobile payments

How are mobile payments changing?

Did the offers of different banks seemed too lucrative to ignore and you ended up with a card too many? There was a time when your wallets were overloaded, not with cash but with different credit and debit cards. Well, thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore today.While credit and debit cards will always come in Read more about How are mobile payments changing?[…]


Android Operating System

Android is the most commonly used mobile operating system, running on most mobile handset due to its innovative, fun, and easy to use features. The OS was developed from the ground-up to be truly open, and can incorporate new applications as they emerge. The software is built on the Linux Kernel, and features a custom Read more about Android Operating System[…]


WhatsApp Messenger

Would you like to Download Whatsapp on your Iphone or Android? Go through the Guide to Download, Installing, Configuring and Using Whatsapp Messenger. WhatsApp is one of the most popular and useful application nowadays. WhatsApp allows to send photos, videos, contacts, share our location, and send notes, audio. Very important thing that WhatsApp help us Read more about WhatsApp Messenger[…]

Google App Store

Google App Store Optimization

Have you ever thought on how to do a proper Google Play store optimization for your Android app? If your answer is “yes” then you might be interested in the information below.Actually there are a lot of things that are almost the same when it comes to app store optimization for both Google Play and Read more about Google App Store Optimization[…]


Node.js At A Glance

Though Java Script and JASON collectively had immense capabilities, yet node.js enthralled the web.Instant notifications, lighting fast loading of web pages,seamless streaming, flawless buffering and what not. Web was not like this before the invention of node js. If we turn back the clock, we would find that websites weighed heavy, flooding with the codes Read more about Node.js At A Glance[…]

Tech Fight: iOS vs Android

The war of the software has been going on for quite some time now. It started in 2009 when Apple introduced its ground-breaking iPhone that had the iOS as its software. Later on, in the same year, Samsung released their Galaxy S destined to rival the iPhone. The software developed specifically for cell phones by Read more about Tech Fight: iOS vs Android[…]