5G Technology

If you take a stroll outside today, you’ll see a lot of people with mobile phones or tablets in their hands are making calls, using the Internet to catch up on the news, watch videos, or interacting with others via Face-book, Tumbler or Twitter including you. In doing so, we all are using a mobile data network. Many of these applications particularly video consume a lot of bandwidth, so telecommunications companies across the world always try to talk about upgrading to the latest generation of mobile data to help speed things up. As we approach 2020 it is likely that there will be more than 50 billion connected devices worldwide and The Internet of Things will no longer be something we think about but will be all around us. Everything from home appliances to our cars will be connected to the network and 5G is being designed and built with this in mind.5G is not just a mobile technology, its ubiquitous access to high & low data rate services. The technology is still a long way from becoming a reality, but it has the potential to completely change the way we interact with wireless devices, from the smartphones in our pockets to the cars we drive.

Not only will more devices be connected to the 5G network than we’ve ever imagined, but the network will do everything better than 4G. This includes providing the capability and capacity for high resolution video streaming such as ultra-high definition 4K video. Privacy and security are also key considerations, so 5G will include extra capabilities to ensure that customer information is protected and our devices are harder to hack.

Battery life is essential aspect of our mobile connectivity. The target for 5G networks is handsets, tablets and other devices with five times the battery life of existing 4G devices. Imagine not having to recharge for a couple of days or being able to watch a couple of movies without having to find a power outlet to plug into.

What will 5G allow us to do that we can’t right now with 4G? To provide a little more context around how much faster 5G speeds will be compared to 4G, let’s go back to the video example I mentioned at the beginning.

According to Hawaii

5G Tech

5G Technology

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, 5G will allow us to download an eight gigabyte HD movie in six seconds versus the seven minutes it would take over 4G or more than an hour on 3G.

But 5G is much more than just faster data speeds on our mobile devices. It also opens the door to a lot of different consumer and industrial applications and uses, some of which seem unbelievable now because they’re so futuristic.

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