360 Security App

360 Security App- A Robust Protective App That Adds Room For Improvement

With Android OS, one of the most necessary elements that one should have in their devices is mobile security. Survey reports reveals how more than 95 percent of malware incidents happen with devices running Android. The reasons aren’t too obscure to scan. A lion’s share of Android applications is being downloaded from third party sources and not every time they are being downloaded from the Google Play Store. Although. One might always find a way to get the paid apps for free, safety happens to be a primary concern as in most cases the sources can’t be trusted blindly. Taking of protection, 360 Security app that has been developed by Chinese firm called Qihoo 360 offers a comprehensive protection plan for one and all Android devices by introducing a well to do antivirus program. Additionally, the app is also decked up with a slew of features like memory booster, real time protector and junk file cleaning. The 360 security app currently runs version 3.1 and functions well for all devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and later.

Security App

360-Security App

Working as a free app

In most cases, any app that offers itself as a free app fails to prove its mettle in the long run. However, with 360 security app, the makers have managed to pull off a real good job. Firstly, they have been able to hide all advertisements that keep popping up randomly. Secondly, the interface ha a neat feel and is highly simple to use. The icons are bright and distinct and the navigation is extremely easy for any first time user to learn and perform actions.

The layout

The layout of the interface has three options namely Clean, Boost and Antivirus. Besides, there are a string of features that are mounted on the left side of the app. The transition of the icon follows a similar pattern to that of Google apps which makes it an extremely well designed app. It also shows clear as well as detailed information about the number of active processes on your Android device, and the battery percentage that is left or available for consumptions along with storage and all round status of the phone. After, it has identified all issues messing up with the security of your device; the user can take control of the same with just one click.

The Boost feature helps kill an active application easily. Additionally, it also shows how much memory has been put to use. It also analyses how many processes are actively running. The nest part is that as a user you get to select or deselected multiple applications that you wish to end or kill. This was never possible with stock app kill feature of your phone. The feature also runs a steady analysis on your battery so that you can pick and choose as to which application is eating most of the juice.

The other part of the battery monitor statistics is the Clean option which runs an overall check and starts performing its basic option. It is highly functional as it easily finds out how to clear off all junk files from the system as well as the cached data. (Optional)


The most sophisticated part of the app is definitely the Antivirus that displays all useful information by pinpointing to any app that is causing serious damage to your phone. It also offers real time protection. Hence, one doesn’t have to scan their device manually each time to wipe out all unwanted malware and viruses. The best part of the story is that it is not too harsh on your battery life and doesn’t drain out the device out of its juice like other Antivirus systems.

Some other notable features of the 360secuity app includes tweaks like enabling root access, monitor of data and an additional option called “Find My Phone”.

Wrap up

Out of all existing free anti-virus app available in the market for Android devices, 360 security app is simply the best. Not only does it sport a good looking neat interface but the navigation and modus operandi is simple and easy to understand for one and all. With a cleaner and booster tool, it reinforces the main function of the app which is to act like an Antivirus and offer all round protection. Although, one might feel that they are dedicated apps for boosting the performance and cleaning your phone of junk files, it is always a wise call if you can have all three features within one single app, like 360 security. Although, the app performs really good, there still remains ample scope for improvement. The features like battery analyzer, anti theft feature and find my phone and root access definitely needs polishing if the company is looking to influence people to replace stock options with 360secuity app. Only the, such a security app shall emerge to be a winner.

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